Below are some press clippings from the last several years.


Oliver Twist

Lighting and Scenic Design
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
"Andrew Hungerford’s exquisite set and lighting designs offered breathtaking, painterly tableaus." - Rick Pender, City Beat


Lighting and Scenic Design
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
"It's smart, spare scenic design by Andrew Hungerford." - Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer



Lighting Design
The Theatre @ Boston Court, Pasadena
"Director Michael Michetti finds a fluid choreography for this roundelay, enhanced by Bruno Louchouarn’s original music and sound design and Andrew J. Hungerford’s restless lighting." - Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times
"Add to that Andrew J. Hungerford’s beautiful lighting and a gobsmacking projection design by Adam Flemming, and it’s all pretty gorgeous." - Jennie Webb, Backstage
"...all complemented by the perfectly cued lighting of Andrew J. Hungerford" - Gil Kaan, Culture Spot LA
"...aided and abetted by the striking lighting design of Andrew J. Hungerford...a design package that anyone planning a 99-seat plan production would do well to check out, if only to see the standards of quality and creativity that can be achieved by designers of brilliance and ingenuity like those assembled here." -Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

Oliver Twist

Lighting Design
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
"The set designer, Brian J. Ruggaber, evokes the Industrial Age with a warehouse loft heightened by a large expanse of smudged glass, sometimes flooded with color by Andrew Hungerford’s shadowy lighting." - Michael Sommers, New York Times
"The design team of Brian J. Ruggaber, Andrew Hungerford, Steven L. Beckel, and Nancy Leary elevate this production to splendid heights...Each fleck of light that shines through the dirty glass panels that hover over the cast...all are brilliant in capturing the essence of Dickens' old London." - Gregory Allen, Broadway World

These Seven Sicknesses

Lighting Design (based upon an original design by Carl Wiemann)
The Flea Theater, NYC
"Director Iskandar heads a deeply artistic design team. The action plays on a nuanced and engrossing set by Julia Noulin-Merat under dramatic, complex, and often beautiful lights by Andrew Hungerford... at the end, the entire cast returns and forms a stunning stage picture, reaffirming the brilliance of the director and his design team." - Joseph Samuel Wright,



Lighting Design
Need Theater, Los Angeles
"simple, but ethereal lighting design by Andrew Hungerford gives a perfect context for this transportive work." - LAist

Timon of Athens

Lighting Design
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
"Major augmentation is provided by the imaginative setting by Crowe and Brian Ruggaber, the particularly evocative lighting by Andrew Hungerford, and the often colorful costumes of Pamela A. Prior." - Bob Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

Julius Caesar

Scenic and Lighting Design
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
"Andrew Hungerford's production design, centered around a series of columns ... gives the stage a remarkable depth and provides a stunning frame for the funeral speeches." - Richard Jones,



Lighting Design
Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
"The production also benefits from Andrew Hungerford’s dramatically atmospheric lighting, which contributes delightfully to the mood." - Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer

Skin Tight

Lighting and Scenic Design
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
"Roughhewn boards suggest a barn; an opening is awash with light that changes to underscore emotions ebbing and flowing. (Andrew Hungerford served as both scenic and lighting designer with evocative results.)" - Rick Pender, CityBeat
"The simple scenery keeps the focus where it belongs on the characters and their actions. Rough, weathered boards in the back add a feeling of rusticity. Lighting by Andrew Hungerford also helps to set the environment, changing colors to reflect the mood on stage." - Jill Siekman, Broadway World
"The sets and lighting, designed by Andrew Hungerford, are simple yet effective, drawing the viewer into rural farmland without distracting from the action." - Jenny Kessler, UrbanCincy
"Subtle design elements – the occasional sound of birds, changing light and weathered boards suggest a hardscrabble life and miles of emptiness." - Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer

Servant of Two Masters

Lighting Design
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
"Lighting by Andrew Hungerford compliments the dusk to darkness setting." - Liz Keill, Independent Press
"The comedy is fast, furious, and outrageously over the top... keeping up with the pace is the lighting designed by Andrew Hungerford. Truffaldino has some very funny moments in the limelight whenever he mentions the town of Bergamo." - Bob Brown, Packet Online
"Andrew Hungerford provides the sharp outdoor lighting." - Bob Rendell, Talkin' Broadway

Angels in America

Set and Lighting Design
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
Lighting Design Nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award

Millenium Approaches

"The production’s simple scenic and lighting designs by Andrew Hungerford give the play greater wallop." - Rick Pender, CityBeat


"Angels in America has been avoided by some theaters unable to envision how to handle a seemingly expansive physical production, but at Know the expansion is your mind and the imagination of those creating this work, especially scenic and lighting designer Andrew Hungerford and directors Phillips and Fracher who use simple means and devices to stage the story." - Rick Pender, CityBeat

Adding Machine: A Musical

Set and Lighting Design
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
Scenic Design Nominated for a Cincinnati Entertainment Award
"Andrew Hungerford's stark, ingenious production design blinks with binary precision and cranks and creaks like the cruel machinery of commerce itself. In Burnham's dynamic staging, with most furnishings replaced by objects of containment and torture, the performers literally turn the winches of their own destruction." - CityBeat
"A sparse, industrial steel set, with pulleys and sliding metal frames, is inventively used as supplied by Andrew Hungerford. Mr. Hungerford is also responsible for the stark and varied lighting." - Scott Cain, Talkin' Broadway
"Andrew Hungerford's scenic design contributes enormously to the whole. Among his inspirations: three panels of intersecting metal rods effectively stand in for a glass-windowed office building, a claustrophobic living room and a jail cell." - Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer


Lighting and Sound Design
Performance Network Theatre
Winner of Wilde Award for Lighting Design
Winner of Subscriber's Choice Award for Lighting Design
"...Andrew Hungerford's positively outstanding sound and lighting design." - Jenn McKee,
"Andrew Hungerford's lighting is simple but effective as it hints at the slowly setting sun. His sound design places us in the thick of the swirling wind and cold." - John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press
"Starts out ferociously... The audience's senses are liberally assaulted with the sounds of high winds and terrifying darkness, juxtaposed with images of the actors coming into view... Lighting and sound design by Andrew Hungerford is well used as a commanding presence and as an unobtrusive backdrop." - Carolyn Hayes, The Rogue Critic


The Tempest

Lighting Designer
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
"As the players enter, the bare outline of a ship, with massive sails and rigging, takes shape. Undulating yards of blue muslin represent the roiling sea. Booming claps of thunder and blinding flashes of lightning — Charles Harbert and Andrew Hungerford are the sound and lighting designers — set the chaos in motion." Naomi Siegel, New York Times
"Although Charles Calvert's most playable wood planked set is not elaborate, abetted by the sharp lighting of Andrew Hungerford, it manages to provide some visual magic of its own." - Bob Rendell, Talkin' Broadway
"Set designer Charles Calvert has given us a simple backdrop that for some may recall the seventies TV show "Laugh In." Andrew Hungerford has lit it (and indeed the surrounding area) dramatically." - Stewart Duncan,


The Winter's Tale

Lighting Designer
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey
"After the play's first half in which we see how a distressingly paranoid monarch wittingly slanders, humiliates, alienates, and even destroys most everyone he holds dear, we are treated to a second half all bathed in sweetness and light (with a significant assist from lighting designer Andrew Hungerford)" - CurtainUp

Militant Language: A Play With Sand

Lighting and Set Designer
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
The design team does stellar work here. Scenic designer Andrew Hungerford has beautifully established a sense of place – sand, sand everywhere, with oil drums here and there and debris that suggests a vehicle’s run-in with an IED. There’s also that hauntingly falling sand..." - Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer
"The question “What are we building here?” is never answered, and there’s no hint on the sand-covered stage (designed and lit by Andrew Hungerford) — all we see are a few ruined truck parts, no evidence of anything actually being built. Perhaps that’s a metaphor for the damage of war, when things aren’t built but rather steadily demolished." - Rick Pender, CityBeat

Reefer Madness

Lighting and Set Designer
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
"The purposely corny set by Andrew J. Hungerford consists primarily of cardboard props representing the low-budget production values of the high school drama department and does much to advance the camp appeal." - Scott Cain, Talkin Broadway
"The cartoony show gets a swell cartoony design by Andrew Hungerford, with everything in cut-outs, from coffee cups to church pews to cars and boats and all contributes enormously to the spirit of fun." - Jackie Demaline, Cincinnati Enquirer
Andrew Hungerford designed and lit properly tacky sets and amusing two-dimensional props. An airplane and a rickshaw are especially effective." - Tom McElfresh, CityBeat

Faith Healer

Lighting and Sound Designer
Stanford Summer Theatre
"...drives movement and meaning by way of white lighting — spots that isolate, house lights that draw in, a gradual creeping darkness for finality." -


Lighting and Set Designer
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
"Andrew Hungerford's set is surrounded by a perimeter of empty liquor and wine bottles, one more sign of how constricted the brothers' lives have become. The seedy, disintegrating furniture and the milk crates Booth stacks up to make a card-playing table provide all the scenery that's needed; Hungerford's lighting design...evokes the changeable, menacing moods required from scene to scene." - Rick Pender, CityBeat


The Pillowman

Lighting and Set Designer
Know Theatre of Cincinnati
"Scenic and lighting designer Andrew Hungerford provides an appropriately grimy and spartan interrogation room." - Joseph McDonough, Cincinnati Enquirer
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